Dear men, check out these 5 ways to make lady develop feelings for you


As a man, have you been trying hard to get a woman to like you or develop feelings for you, but all your efforts seem useless? If yes, this is because you haven’t been using the right strategies.

Dear men, check out these 5 ways to make lady develop feelings for you

Below are five strategies to make a woman develop feelings for you;


1. Get her attention.
The first thing to do if you want a woman to develop feelings for you is to get her attention. You can’t be a stranger to her and then expect her to develop feelings for you. It is until she notices you and you successfully get her attention that can make you achieve your aim.

2. Always be there for her.
After the first phase, you need to make yourself more available. You need to get close to her to the extend that she will start communicating with you well.

3. Spend more time together.
Just don’t spend time together doing anything, instead, have fun, create great memories that will always remind her of you. Let her have the best day ever whenever she’s with you, that is the only way she can start to develop feelings for you.

4. Always call and text her.
Ladies appreciate guys who check on them regularly, especially on telephone. She loves to see a guy who cherishes whenever you call and tell her; ‘I just call to say hi’. Ensure you know the right time to call her if you don’t want to see her other side because not all ladies appreciate when you call always, especially the so-called career women. So, study her first before trying this trick on her.


5. Don’t get caught.
Don’t let her know your intention until she’s finally in love with you.


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