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VIDEO | A.I.M – Show Me

Don’t you just hate it when the DJ’s is playing great music and that fine women or guy is just sitting there being a party pooper? Well, up and coming talent and one to watch for 2017 , gifts us with an amazing brand new record titled “” which has the question we all want to ask that party pooper “Why ya sitting there?!” This record will trigger the nostalgia of those hall parties you used to go to as a kid as A.I.M has sampled the legendary hit from Kofi Nti – Atweetan. He aims in his lyrics and production to get everybody up on their feet dancing. Following the success of his single ‘Mo N’sa’ which featured Mista Silva earlier this year A.I.M give us an innovative two part video similar to that of the ‘Rhianna X Drake – Work’ music video with the first part of the video featuring the likes of DJ P Montana and Unkle TC in an ‘X-Factor’ type contest entitled ‘TAP Factor’ and the second part capturing beautiful scenic visuals shot on a sunny hot island, which may trigger your holiday blues.

Enjoy.. [youtube][/youtube]


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