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5 obvious signs you are in a negative relationship

5 obvious signs you are in a negative relationship

As it is said, humans cannot thrive in the solitude of mind, body, and spirit. Therefore engaging in healthy relationships is an integral part of a fulfilled life. Being in a relationship is a necessary part of a healthy and prosperous living.

Relationships enrich our lives and add to our enjoyment of being alive, but we all know that is no relationship is perfect. Although humans are made to relate with others in a positive and enhancing way, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, we allow the wrong kind of people to enter our life, and our relationship with them isn’t positive, isn’t healthy, isn’t edifying, and mostly, it isn’t fruitful- this is known as a negative relationship.

These negative relationships can cause discomfort and disturb the sanctity of your mind, spirit, emotion, and body.

Now, what makes a negative relationship?

To identify, if you are in a relationship with a negative person, here are some signs of a negative relationship. If you are able to relate to any of these characteristics of a negative  relationship, you need to introspect your relationship.

1. Negative energy
While you are engaged in a negative  relationship, you get so tensed, angry, and furious around your partner, which builds up to harmful energy in your body, which later leads to total hatred for each other.

Negativity in marriage or negativity in close relationships can drain you in all aspects of your life.

Negative energy in relationships drains you mentally, physically, academically, spiritually, and emotionally. We’re forced to deal with this gloom, but your negative relationship should be a reprieve from that type of stress.

2. You are not happy being in the relationship
One of the vital signs of a negative  relationship is that you are not happy anymore. We all know it is not possible to be comfortable in every moment of your relationship, but as a whole, your partner should make you happier.

Your partner should make you feel supported, engaged, joyous, and capable of doing whatever you want to do. Once you don’t feel happy around your partner, it is a warning sign that you are in a negative  relationship.

3. You don’t trust your partner
If you don’t trust your partner anymore, it is a clear indicator of negativity in a relationship.  You are in a negative  relationship once you start doubting the words and actions of your partner.

If your partner often flips the facts or changes the truth when they don’t like the way a conversation is going, it is an indicator you are engaged in a relationship with a partner who is not trustworthy.

When your partner shifts the blame for their actions to someone else or some sort of flimsy situation, it shows you are in a negative  relationship with an untrustworthy person.

4. You don’t communicate effectively
Just like communication is the very life of a healthy and positive relationship, the lack of it means that the relationship is harmful, unhealthy, toxic, and is about to die.

You don’t talk to each other face to face, even if you are around each other. You prefer to use signs and texts instead of verbal communication.

There is no effective communication, and you just use minimum possible words as an obligation. These are undoubtedly the negative aspects of a relationship.

5. You are not connected to each other
Once you don’t enjoy being in the company of your partner, it is an indicator that you are in an unhealthy or toxic relationship. The moment you are together physically, but not together on the emotional tangent, it’s a clear indicator of a negative and incompatible relationship.

You can be in the same room, but one of you is reading, on the laptop or the phone. You don’t feel connected to another even if you still sleep together on the same bed.

If you find that you’re never actively engaging together, you’re both together; still, you are doing your own thing, that’s an indication that you are not connected to each other anymore. These are the apparent

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