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    Money is Good! Check Out the New 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom

    From the moment Sir Henry Royce
    introduced the Rolls-Royce Phantom in 1925
    it was judged ‘The Best Car in the World’ by the cognoscenti.
    Money is Good! Check Out the New 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom
    As a result it has conveyed some of the
    world’s most influential and powerful men
    and women to the most defining historical
    moments over the last 92 years.
    The New 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom will be
    the first of a new generation of Rolls-Royces
    to benefit from the creation of the
    Architecture of Luxury. This new
    architecture serves as the foundation on
    which this eighth generation of Phantom
    reaffirms its position as ‘The Best Car in the
    World’ by taking the best fundamentals and
    making them better.
    The first major benefit of the new
    architecture for the New Phantom are
    lightness, increased stiffness, efficient
    production of standard and extended
    wheelbase bodies and uncompromised
    exterior surface design.
    The all-new aluminium spaceframe structure
    delivers extraordinary car body stiffness for
    exceptional ‘best-in-class’ functional
    performance whilst also being lighter.
    Indeed New Phantom is 30 per cent more
    rigid than its predecessor, leading to better
    ride comfort.
    The suspension makes millions of
    calculations every second as it continuously
    varies the electronically controlled shock
    absorber adjustment system – reacting to
    body and wheel acceleration, steering
    inputs and camera information.
    With the focus on creating the most silent
    motor car in the world, a completely silent
    engine was also required, and that meant
    more low-end output at lower revs to
    ensure that silence. Hence a completely new,
    6.75-litre V12 powertrain has been
    engineered for New Phantom, in place of
    the previous naturally aspirated V12 engine.
    The new V12 Phantom engine employs two
    turbo chargers that contribute to a low-end
    torque output of 900Nm at an incredibly
    low 1,700rpm whilst also delivering 563bhp
    or 420kW of power, resulting in calm low
    speed progress associated with state
    occasions and an unfussed surge of power
    when one needs to press on.
    The addition of Satellite Aided Transmission
    (SAT), married to a ZF 8-Speed gearbox also
    ensures that the driver is prepared for
    whatever the road has in store for them.
    Features include: Alertness Assistant, a 4-
    camera system with Panoramic View, all-
    round visibility including helicopter view,
    Night Vision and Vision Assist, Active Cruise
    Control, collision warning, pedestrian
    warning, cross-traffic warning, lane
    departure and lane change warning, an
    industry leading 7×3 high-resolution head-
    up display, WiFi hotspot, of course the latest
    navigation and entertainment systems and
    many more.
    Price will be officially revealed soon so get
    your wallets ready.

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