WOW! See Why People In This City Walk Naked Every Year [VIDEO/PHOTOS] ​


Are you looking for where to find naked people? Welcome to the only town in the world which has a nude bank, nude post office, nude hairdressers, and nude supermarket. 

The beautiful town located close to the sea in France is called Village Naturiste in french and Naked City in English. Modernism and naturism meld at the world’s biggest nude town, Cap d’Agde in France, which swells to 40,000 people in summer. 


Every year, especially during summer, over 40,000 nudists from around the world visit this beachside community.

People of this naked city refer to themselves as “nakationers” a coined word from “naked” “vacationers”.

Nudist families from Germany and the Netherlands constitute the highest number of visitors and residents in this town.


Naked City has to be in existence since the 1960s after the founders obtained permission from the government and an official “nude designation” for the land.

Visitors are expected to pay a “naked tax” of €8 (NZ$13.40) at the entrance, before taking off and keeping their clothes in a locker for the duration of their stay.

The naked city is a fully functional town with built houses, hotels, and other amenities in place for visitors depending on the time of their stay.

Nudity is compulsory on the beach, and any contrary or lewd behavior could land visitors in jail with a €15,000 (#6 million) fine. 

Nothing on this scale exists anywhere else in the world. Most naturist resorts are arcadian retreats from city life. Last year, Munich created six urban naked zones, but they were in secluded parkland. 


In 2012, the supposedly skin-friendly San Francisco chose to outlaw public nudity, except in specially sanctioned public events. 

Cap d’Agde’s naturist retreat, though, is urban by conception. 

There had been a small nudist campsite here since 1958, but in the mid-1960s, the De Gaulle-instigated Mission Racine to develop Languedoc-Roussillon’s tourist economy created six modernist seaside resorts from scratch, each a day’s boat ride apart – still one of the largest state-run development schemes ever. 

Originally, there were no plans to incorporate naturism, but someone changed their mind. 

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