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    Top 10 part-time jobs for students in South Africa

    Getting a part-time job can be very rewarding. Whatever the reason, There are many different reasons as to if why you would want or need a part-time job as a high school student.

    Top 10 part-time jobs for students in South Africa

    Alongside extracurricular activities, a part-time job can help you appear as a well-rounded student; one that any college would absolutely love to have on their campus.

    Here are some jobs every student should consider to earn extra money.

    1. Waitress
    Work at a breakfast restaurant. Night owl? A dinner restaurant or bar is for you. Since tips are instant, you don’t have to wait two weeks to receive a paycheck, which is nice for college students short on cash.

    2. Internship
    If you’ve already picked your major, consider getting an internship in your field. Companies are always looking to hire college students — whether still in school or newly graduated. They understand you won’t be able to work full time and are typically very understanding if you need extra time off to study.

    3. Babysitting
    Babysitting is another way to earn extra money, although no one ever claimed this was an easy job. Today, babysitting has become a more regulated industry and tried and true babysitters acquire babysitting licenses to appear more credible.

    4. Tutoring
    It’s simple really – earn extra cash by tutoring learners in their home. Tutor any subject you want, including school subjects, university courses, languages and musical instruments.

    5. Independent sales consultant
    As an independent sales consultant, you own your own business, thus; you work for yourself and you still have the power to earn extra cash

    6. Freelancer (e.g writer)
    Being a freelancer means a lot of freedom to plan your own days at work, but it also does require discipline and planning. Being your own boss, you need to be good at making the right rules to succeed.

    7. Social media marketing
    You will implement the company’s Social Media marketing. Administration includes content strategy, develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales.

    8. Retail
    As a student you can develop many transferable skills working in retail and it’s a respected job. Though working in retail isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, it does pay the bills.

    9. Public relations
    Public relations (PR) is about managing reputation. A career in PR involves gaining understanding and support for clients, as well as trying to influence opinion and behaviour.

    10. Fitness instructor
    As a fitness instructor, you would lead and organise group and individual exercise programmes to help people (clients) to improve their health and fitness.

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