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Nomzamo Mbatha eulogizes self on birthday

Nomzamo Mbatha eulogizes self on birthday


celebrates the last chapter of her 20’s by reflecting on her journey so far.

The actress has grown to be a successful brand and she sincerely confessed that life hasn’t being easy.

Nomzamo Mbatha eulogizes self on birthday


However, in a lengthy note, Nomzamo eulogized herself and we were totally touched.

Read full note here:

“My mom said I was born at 2am. Friday 13th… Hope I didn’t give her much grief during labor.”

“My Life hasn’t been easy but it sure has been kind to me. In so many ways. It would be an injustice to not recognize the MIRACLE that is my life. Girls that come from where I come from aren’t supposed to make it this far and I thank God that He has covered me. FROM KWAMASHU TO THE WORLD. I want to tell 15 year old me that I’m keeping my end of the bargain. For all the tragedies she had to face. I’m telling my 19 year old self that I’ll keep pacing it so that I’m always chasing it. And I say goodbye to my 20’s … so many lessons on family, friends, love, heartbreak and the journey back to self-love and self-worth. To the final chapter of my 20’s … THANK YOU FOR THE big bank checks, my House, my travels, my MIND, my global IMPACT and most importantly… the growth.”

“I wish for myself financial freedom and exponential financial growth. To CONTINUE to grow in my career and grow deeper in KNOWING myself. For the spirit of discernment and for my CUP TO OVERFLOW OVERFLOW in all areas! May JOY continue to be my portion.”


“To my GOD, The GOD of Moses who renewed Moses’s strength and PARTED THE RED SEA. THE GOD of Job who GAVE BACK ALL THE DEVIL HAD TAKEN. My Alpha & Omega. My Healer. My Provider. My Strength. THANK YOU FOR THE MIRACLE THAT IS MY LIFE.”


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