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Greedy Sarkodie has not not assisted castro’s mum- Ayisha Modi

Greedy Sarkodie has not not assisted castro’s mum- Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi, in a recent interview, labelled Sarkodie greedy for denying Castro’s mum some of the proceeds from the hit song, Adonai, after the latter’s disappearance.

Ayisha nicknamed She Loves Stonebwoy seems bent on exposing Sarkodie after the rapper allegedly ordered for Stonebwoy’s arrest following his mix up with Angeltown- Sarkodie’ manager.

Back in August 2020, Sarkodie’s Black Love Virtual Concert was almost marred by a fall out between Stonebwoy and Angeltown at the rehearsal a day before the concert.

According to reports, Stonebwoy hit Sarkodie’s manager and left him with a black eye and this angered the rapper so much that he forwarded the issue to the police headquarters.

Since then, Ayisha who is Stonebwoy’s unofficial PRO has not lost a single opportunity to bash Sarkodie.

In an interview on Peace FM, Ayisha went in on how Sarkodie, along with other Ghanaian musicians, has abandoned Castro’ mum after the singer’s disappearance.

She claims that she is so close to Castro’s family and that Sarkodie, in particular, has not given a penny to Castro’s mum even though arguably his biggest hit song, Adonai, which featured Castro broke not long before the latter’s disappearance.

“I was with Castro in London when he(Sarkodie) called him to come to shoot the video. I asked him why he would leave to help out someone who wouldn’t do the same for him but he left anyway”, She said.

Ayisha added, ” This has been on my heart for so long. Castro spent over 2000 pounds just to travel from London to South Africa where they shot the video. I want to take this opportunity to ask Sarkodie if he has even given Castro’s mum 500gh out of the money he made from Adonai after Castro left.”

The outspoken lady refused to take back her statement that Sarkodie was greedy even after the host asked her to.

She stated that for the renowned rapper to have abandoned Castro’s mum and denied her a penny from the proceeds from their worldwide hit song Adonai, he had to be greedy.

“Sarkodie, I will come so we sit down and account for Castro’s share of the money from Adonai. Even the money made from YouTube streams he(Sarkodie) did not give Castro’ mum a penny”, Ayisha concluded.

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