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Fake pastor nabbed by youth in the community


Fake pastor nabbed by youth in the community

God identified as Prophet Elijah getting beaten by some people.

From what we gathered from the video, Elijah has been deceiving people in his community that he was a man of God and has been called by God to preach the gospel and heal the sick in the area.


But behind all that, he was an idol worshipper and even had a shrine few meters away from where his church was located.

In the video the people after getting to know this secret went to his church where they unleashed their anger on him by subjecting him to severe beatings using canes.

Watch the video below:

Rosemary Okoye: “Practicing native religion and pretending to be a pastor while practicing native religion is different. Please don’t confuse the two”

Akinola Omowumi Esther: God almighty will keep exposing them for rubbing his name in the mud.. can you imagine, using juju and calling the name of our Lord Jesus He is more powerful than those nonsense things he is carrying up and down. God will keep exposing evil doers”

Bennett Chibueze: “I blame people without decerning spirit. God gave us wisdom and guidance and we use them negatively. How can people after looking at this man and the environment believe him or take him as a serious man of God. All the people worshipping here with him are nothing but idol worshipers. May God help us.”

David Vaofusi: “This is not the way to go?? Our fight is not against the flesh its against the spiritual evil forces and evil rulers and etc please check yourself guys Jesus never laid a hand on the women that sinned that committed Adultery. Rather save the man and rebuke the evil that’s working behind the scenes with the spirit of God come on guys.”


Johnson A Kelly: “This is small evil we see the big one are yet to be capture and by the work of God their secret Sha review in opening ways by God grace,my brothers and sisters Welter you are educated or not educated if God wants to use you he will use when he spirit come upon you everything you do to the glory of God is perfect,may God bless our country in JESUS NAME”


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