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    DramaBus โ€“ Watch 2022 Korea Movies Online, Asian Drama

    DramaBus – Watch 2022 Korea Movies Online, Asian Drama

    Korean dramas are getting immense importance and becoming a source of entertainment these days. Many users search for sites to watch and download Korean dramas without any charges. Some sites are available that claim to provide you Korean dramas, but they are fake and contain dead links. That’s why we have brought this topic about a site DramaBus that offers you Korean shows and dramas online for free.

    This article will provide you complete information about DramaBus that enables users to download Korean dramas, series, and TV shows without any premium or paid subscriptions. The best thing about this site is it provides you Korean movies to watch whenever you want. Apart from it, this site also provides Asian drama series and shows to watch in HD quality.

    DramaBus – All You Should Know About The Website

    If you search for Dramabus on Google or some other search engine, it will show you different search results that are confusing. You can go to the direct website URL, and it will redirect you to dramafast.com. Authorities always take action against these sites and ban them repeatedly. However, they again appear with different domain names to serve the users and ditch the authorities. So if you can risk visiting the pirated site, Dramabus is the best site to download Korean shows, movies, and series completely free.

    You can watch and see information about trending content on the homepage. It displays the series and shows that are currently trending on this site to provide you more options. There are other sections such as recent subbed, newly, popular dramas and movies to give you complete information about available stuff.

    Dramabus site is specially designed for desktop and works well, but you can also download your desired content on your smartphone using this site. It arrives with easy to navigate interface, and even beginners can download movies without much effort and struggle.

    Categories available on DramaBus 

    The website offers three main categories;

    • Drama
    • Show
    • Movie

    Drama Series On DramaBus

    The DramaBus site is famous for its massive library of content, and it brings many features out of the box. There is a separate section for drama series where you can find all the dramas available for you to stream and download.

    What makes it different is the filter feature that allows you to streamline drama. Using this feature, you can sort content by default, recent, release year, popular, and title. It saves a lot of time and energy as you can filter dramas using genres, and these sites provide you with content in different categories. Some of them include action, comedy, Thriller, Crime, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Romance, and more. This site also lets you filter content by country, release date, and status. You can easily sort shows by default, recent, release year, popular and title, and other filter features include genre, country, release, and status.

    DramaBus Movies

    It is the last section on this site that is the biggest advantage of this DramaBus, the Korean movies. You will find plenty of Asian and offers Hollywood, Chinese, and movies from other parts of the world. The unique thing is all the movies are subbed in Korea that makes it superior to other pirated sites. So you can get all the movies in the native Korean language but provides English subtitles for an international audience.

    Now lets me share the steps with you about how to download movies or dramas from this site. Have a look at the information given below.

    How To Stream Movies, Shows, and Dramas On DramaBus (AKA Dramafast)

    We have mentioned it earlier, and this site is straightforward and downloading content from this site is super easy still; if you have no idea how to download or stream content on this site, follow the steps given below.

    • Visit the official DramaBus website – Dramafast.com on your web browser.
    • Tap on your desired movie to watch in its HD quality
    • After the step mentioned above, click on the Watch now button.
    • It will redirect you to another window with a media player. Wait 10 seconds and click on skip ad to watch a movie.
    • You are set; enjoy watching a movie.

    I hope you find these steps easy, and you can now stream movies without hassling around.

    How to download movies on this Site?

    When you are streaming movies online, you will find a download button, and you can select that option; it will redirect you to the download page. Now click the download button and save the file on your device.

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

    1. Is it safe to visit DramaBus?

    It is safe to visit this Site; however, you can surf on this Site safely and privately if you use a VPN service.

    2. Is there an app for DramaBus?

    There is no app; if someone provides an app with this name, you should not trust it, and installing such an app can be dangerous for your device.

    3. Are there popups or redirections?

    This Site contains many ads and popups that may keep appearing and interrupting your movie-watching experience.

    4. Is the Site free to use?

    Since it’s an illegal Site, you can use this Site for free and explore all the features without paying a single penny.

    5. Is DramaBus Legal Site?

    As mentioned above, it’s an entirely illegal Site, and authorities are always hunting the developers. It would help if you refrained from using such a platform for any purpose.


    In this article, we have talked about Dramabus, an illegal site to download Korean dramas and Tv shows for free. Our article is information-based; we dont recommend using any unethical and unlawful means to watch any content. If you like dramas or movies, support the filmmakers or content creators by paying taxes and utilizing legal sites. Dont forget to send us your suggestions and feedback until the next time. Goodbye!

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