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Revealed! Eating cheese ‘could improve your hearing’

EATING cheese could improve your hearing, scientists believe.

It contains a chemical that prevents deafness — and even reverses it.

Revealed! Eating cheese ‘could improve your hearing’

Lab tests on animals revealed the amino acid, called D-methionine, protected against nerve damage from loud noises. It also restored hearing when administered within a few hours.

Researchers have launched a US Army study to see if the chemical can save soldiers from being deafened by noisy gunfire. Recruits will be given the chemical in a drink while others will take a placebo. All will have their hearing tested several days later.

A doctor conducting the trial on 600 volunteers said: “We have documented in animal studies that administration of D-methionine can reduce or prevent noise-induced hearing loss. We now need to determine if it has similar efficacy in humans.”

The substance is also found in yoghurt. The amount the troops are being given is equivalent to 5lb (2.3kg) of Cheddar.

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