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Tumi Voster reveals she is proud to be a mother

Tumi Voster reveals she is proud to be a mother

Tumi Voster is proud to call herself a mother and she is happy she is doing her duty.

The star had her first child last year and she decide to celebrate herself and the wonderful journey she is in.

Taking to her Instagram, Tumi said: “This time last year, I was heavily preggers and pushing through the last few weeks while working, this year I am celebrating myself and this wonderful new journey I am on.”

Tumi considers herself the luckiest woman in the world, after been trusted with the duty of being a mom to her baby.

She also went on to give shoutout to all new mom for taking care of their kids during this difficult times.

“Nothing compares to being a mother, I’m the luckiest woman on earth and still can’t believe God entrusted me with the most beautiful and cutest gift! (by the way I’m obsessed with my little king 🥰) sometimes it hits me like I’m really someone’s mama?! Crazy!”

“This year has been different for all us, especially for new mothers..but we are here – strong, standing and doing it all. Take a moment to appreciate yourselves. We wake up and we show up each and every day!”

Tumi concluded by asking her followers to celebrate their small wins and end this year with positivity.

“For all of us I think this year has taught us what really matters the most and how blessed we truly are. God showed up even through the most challenging times. May we never take anything for granted ever again.”

“May you finish this year with positivity in your heart, no matter how tough it’s been. Celebrate your small wins, count all your blessings twice and I hope you choose to end the year with love and thankfulness in your heart. Ps. This is my face when I see my son every morning!”

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