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My Dethronement Shouldn’t Disturb Anybody – Sanusi

My Dethronement Shouldn’t Disturb Anybody – Sanusi

Recently deposed Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, said on Tuesday that his deposition and banishment to Nasarawa State, “should not disturb anybody.”

He described his fate as divine and thanked God that his nearly six years reign was peaceful.

Sanusi, a former Central Bank Governor, was dethroned on Monday by the Kano State Government for alleged disobedience and insubordination to constituted authority.

But in a recorded video shot shortly before security operatives relocated him to Nasarawa State on exile, Sanusi, who is known for being outspoken, said his predicament was nothing new because only God has absolute power.

He said in the video which went viral on social media: “Power is transient, the position is temporal. If it were permanent, I wouldn’t have ascended the throne of Emir of Kano.

“Before my ascension to the throne, someone was Emir, so what happened to me should not disturb anybody.

“Whenever God says your time is up on the throne, if you don’t vacate peacefully, you will be forced to.

“What is imperative for a lesser being is to complete his reign peacefully. I therefore thank Almighty Allah that brought my reign as Emir to a peaceful end devoid of crisis.”

Sanusi, who spoke in Hausa, expressed appreciation “ to the Holy Prophets of Allah, Islamic clerics and supporters” who stood by him all through the years of his reign as an Emir.

Sanusi also called on his family members and relations to declare allegiance to whoever succeeded him as the next Emir.

“We wish to call on the public to remain peaceful, whosoever is made the Emir, we hereby instruct our family members, children and all those we have authority on to declare their allegiance to him.

“They should respect him; protect his dignity and integrity, and that of the Emirate. This is because his dignity and integrity is the dignity and integrity of this Emirate as well,” he said.

The dethroned Emir reminded them that since Allah, who never makes a mistake, “gives the best”, they should not be worried by what happened.

“Whatever thing Almighty Allah willed to happen, we all hope for a good end and therefore, may he help so that this episode will come to a good end.”

Sanusi, who also lauded his Muslims supporters , prayed that Allah keeps Kano peaceful and “provide us with a good leader so that our land may return to us.”

The deposed Emir was moved yesterday to Awe, Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State after spending Monday night at Loko in Nasarawa local government area.

A police helicopter ferried him away at about 1:45pm from Loko Secondary School playground to Awe.

There were different reasons given by a security source and the Mai Loko, HRH Abubakar Sabo for the sudden relocation of Sanusi.

While Sabo cited lack of power and water in Loko as the primary causes, a security source said it had to do with insecurity.

The source said:

“Activities of hoodlums in the area was one of the major reasons for relocating Alhaji Sanusi Lamido Sanusi from here.

“It will interest you to know that we the police officers serving here in Loko are not up to 10.”

The Mai Loko, said besides lack of electricity and potable water, Loko had no access roads to host a personality like Sanusi.

He said the decision to relocate Sanusi had nothing to do with insecurity in the community.

The Emir of Loko, who addressed a news conference after the helicopter flew out, said: “Here in Loko, we are hospitable people as such we received the dethroned Emir of Kano warmly as it should be.

“In fact, my people are not happy as regards relocating the dethroned Emir to Awe. The authority concerned said they want to relocate him owing to the fact that we lack so many social amenities here.”

Two prominent Emirs met with Nasarawa State Governor Abdullahi Sule to seek comfort for him. Some northern leaders were begging the governor not to reject Sanusi.

A source said the meeting took place at the Government House in Lafia.

He said:

“Two prominent Emirs on Tuesday had audience with the governor of Nasarawa State on the banishment of Sanusi to the state.

“ The body language of the Emirs was to plead on Sanusi’s behalf for nominal comfort in a place that will be comfortable.

“Nasarawa State is only hosting the deposed Emir. He does not have the right to reject wherever he is taken to.

“ In actual fact, some northern elite have been pleading with Governor Sule to kindly accept Sanusi, because Sule is also seen as a royal and a humble gentleman who will not subscribe to humiliating Emir Sanusi.

“The goverment of Nasarawa State has not issued any statement and will not issue any statement with regards to this affair, at the moment.”

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