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Master KG reveals he is 35-years-old


Master KG reveals he is 35-years-old

Master KG is one of the most talked about South African celebrity yesterday after he celebrated his 25th birthday.

The was a lot of drama regarding his age as many felt he is joking about it.


Taking to social media on Tuesday evening, he shared a photo of himself with a cake and captioned it with a confession that he enjoyed his 25th birthday.

Instead of his fans and followers to send him wishes, they instead started arguing about his real age.

Many agreed to the fact that he looks older than his age and some also speculated he is 42.

Master KG laughed off the all claims.

“People Are out here saying I look 42 years old lool Ke eng ka lonal!!!”

In a recent tweet, Master KG  stated the he was just kidding as he is 35 years old.


He said: “Okay guys I was kidding I’m 35 years old neh batho baka”


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