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Lorna Maseko rumoured to be pregnant

Lorna Maseko rumoured to be pregnant

Lorna Maseko is all over social media as many of her fans are contemplating whether she is pregnant or not.

This is following after the star made a live video on Instagram and her stomach was extra ordinarily big.

Lorna is a flat-stomach gang and it is surprising to see her with a big stomach in her live video.

In the video, she was seen wearing a white top which shows off her stomach.

Well, no one knows if she is truly pregnant as she is yet to talk on the issue.

However, many felt she deserve ti be happy even with what she has password through in the past.

Lorna is rumored to have found love in the arms of Economic Freedom Fighter’s deputy president Floyd Shivambu, and they have been apparently going strong for 2 years now.

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