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‘How I got scammed of 320k at Computer Village despite my street sense’

A netizen has this horrible experience to share.

‘How I got scammed of 320k at Computer Village despite my street sense’

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According to him, he went to Computer Village, Ikeja to buy phone but to his amazement, he was scammed despite claiming to have ‘street sense’.

Read his story as shared on Nairaland below;

“So yesterday, I had to visit a police station for the first time in my life as a result of my 1st computer village scam. Did those guys scam me mehnn (and to think it was a popular store)… me wey think say I street.

My experience with the Police officers…?

Never have I felt more helpless in my entire life than when I was in that police station.

If it was when popsy was still alive and I was still in the cantoment, na just soldiers I for resolve my issue.
When I reported the issue to the police officers I met at the counter (2 females), the first thing they said was that before they can answer me at all, I would have to sort them with 30thousand naira that they are very busy people.

In that very moment, I knew I already almost lost the case cause it would eventually become a game of numbers i.e d person who could sort the most.

I knew I was not going to compete with one big Igbo man who owns about 4 stores in computer village
for a moment though, I almost considered giving them the 30k because of the amount involved but then Sapa had me violently by the neck.

So about the scam…

Earlier this month, I decided to switch from an android to an iOS device(Xs Max). Went to slot but they did not have the exact model I wanted. A friend of mine had just gotten an iOS device so I asked him where he got it and he referred me to BIG********* on Instagram. He also stated they deliver at home which was a plus for me.

I ordered and it got delivered to me.
My brother uses an identical device and he’s also a phone engineer.

The next day after the purchase, I noticed something on the screen and showed it to by brother, he immediately said the phone was not a new one (now there was no way for him to vex the product before purchase because I bought it online). Tahh I rebuked him in Jesus name immediately. Phone that I cut nylon myself.

I continued flexing my phone like that.

A week after using the phone, the battery health dropped from 100% to 93% and usually this should take up to a year before dropping to 93%. I still choose self denial over reasoning cause no way I spent that money and cut nylon myself only for me to get a substandard product.
What I discovered yesterday was the straw that broke the camels back and had me marching to computer village (I was going to take my junior brother along but he wasn’t around) after looking for their address online. I realized the phone was coupled in Nigeria.

I learnt a few things yesterday…
Not only is the police force grossly incompetent, they are wildly corrupt and lack human empathy.

Just because a celebrity is following a brand/store does not make them legit (donjazzy follows them so it gave them some form of credibility) – I am not by this faulting celebrities directly for promoting brands.
If you’d have to order electronics online, make sure this from a very well known and credible store.

The police is not your friend.

Avoid trouble as best as you can.
After so much deliberation, the officers accepted 10k. Escorted me to the store where I ordered the phone and picked up one of the sales boy.

The boy explained to them at the station that as he has already told me before, I’d have to drop the phone and come back after 2 weeks. This was unacceptable for me and for a moment it was for the officers too.

They told the boy to invite his Oga, he said the oga was not around. Then they asked him to write a statement, he then immediately said the Oga was back.

The instance the oga walked into the station, it was as if the police officers we switched right before my eyes. They were licking his ass.

Right in my front, they were also asking him to sort cause they can see he is such a nice man (Game of numbers).

For the small remaining part of this story…


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