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Desiree Ellis tests positive for Covid-19


Desiree Ellis tests positive for Covid-19

South African football coach, Desiree Ellis  revealed she once contracted the deadly virus, Covid-19.

The sport personality made it known through her social media stating she tested positive.

The star wanted to use her diagnosis to raise awareness about the reality of the pandemic.


Taking to social media, Ellis shared that the reason she has been quiet was because she was not well. “I have not been very active on social media recently but feel I have an obligation to share this with you. These past few weeks have been very difficult for us as a family. I have tried to be cautious by wearing my mask, sanitizing and/or washing my hands and social distancing but yet I tested positive for Covid-19 along with a few family members.”

Ellis mentioned she is now free from it by the grace of God and by following medical advice. Ellis felt that she was now in a better position to raise awareness about the virus.

Ellis wrote:

“Some of our fellow South Africans and some in other countries have lost their family and friends, some have lost jobs, some their homes and some are not in good health any more.

“I really urge you to make sure that we individually and collectively play out part as part of a team to make sure we stop the spread.”

“So I urge/plead with everyone to remember the basics and let’s practice the health protocols to the maximum.”


Desiree Ellis tests positive for Covid-19


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