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Boland Toddler found dead after going missing

Boland Toddler found dead after going missing

A three-year-old child in Boland near Wellington was found dead after he went missing.

The police are currently investigating the death of the toddler.

The body of the little boy was found in an old vehicle in the backyard of a house in Newtown on Tuesday morning.

The boy reportedly went missing with a four-year-old girl on Monday.

It was heard that the pair were seen playing outside their home before they disappeared.

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said:
“The search comprising of SAPS and community members was unsuccessful last night until the discovery was made this morning. The girl was also found in the vehicle and was admitted to hospital for observation”.

“A death inquest docket has been opened for investigation and the exact cause of the boy’s death is yet to be determined,” he added.

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