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    Banker’s Wife Gets Pregnant For Lesson Teacher Hired By Her Husband For The Children

    Banker’s Wife Gets Pregnant For Lesson Teacher Hired By Her Husband For The Children

    A Jukun by tribe,Felicia Adikwu,  is right now in a dilemma. She is pregnant for her children’s extramural studies teacher, popularly called “lesson teacher” in Nigeria and, she doesn’t know what to do about it. She is full of regret for her ill-advised action that is now threatening to tear her marriage apart.

    The young woman who holds a diploma in Public Administration from the state polytechnic, got married to Mr. Joseph Adikwu, a holder of HND in Accounting from the Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. He used to work with a bank in Lafia where they both live before he was transferred, sometime last year, to the bank’s branch in Gombe State. Their nine-year-old marriage is blessed with two kids, aged 7 and 5.

    From transfer to trouble

    But trouble started when sometimes in July 2019, Joseph resumed duty in Gombe but left his family behind. Before he left Lafia for his new posting, he and Felicia, his wife had employed the services of an extramural teacher, one Monday Ugo, to teach their kids extra lessons in their commitment, to give them the best of education. And things appeared to be going on smoothly, as planned until Joseph left for Gombe.

    Somewhere along the line, Monday allegedly changed the period of the lesson from 5:30 pm to 4 pm. This became imperative because the children, it was said, usually had one-hour church activities from 4 pm to 5 pm. While they are away, Monday and Felicia would allegedly use the period to engage in sex romps.

    The first s*xual encounter they had was said to be so mind-blowing that it left the woman panting for more. But right now, she is said to be four-months pregnant for Monday. And, her husband who has learnt about it, in fact, who literally forced the information out of her through the threat of divorce, is seriously angry over the ugly development. Narrating his ordeal, recently, to a close friend who happened to be a police officer, Joseph, who is in Lafia on annual leave, explained how shocked he was to meet his wife in such condition.

    Mr. Adikwu’s lamentation

    He could not remember impregnating her within the period nor, discussing with her any issue related to pregnancy all the time he was in Gombe, he said. Pleading for understanding and forgiveness, Felicia said that her husband’s absence made her succumb to sexual advances from the teacher. But her husband has vowed not to forgive her over what he sees as a blatant act of betrayal.

    Expressing his disappointement over the ugly development, Joseph said:

    “I came back on leave only to find my wife pregnant for my children’s lesson teacher. This has torn my world apart, completely. Words cannot describe my agony, my own wife confessing before me that she is four-month pregnant for a jobless lesson teacher?” he lamented with a tinge of bitterness in his voice.

    Then he adds:

    “It is the cruelest betrayal in my entire life. My wife is a big disappointment and I don’t think I will forgive her. I felt utterly duped and cheated when she opened her mouth and told me that my absence made her seek s*xual satisfaction and it resulted in this. It is an embarrassment to me and to think that this happened just after few months of my absence! You mean, my wife could not endure and decided to find another man just for sexual satisfaction? I hate myself.”

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