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AKA reacts to being tagged a “Corona Influencer”


AKA reacts to being tagged a “Corona Influencer”

AKA wakes Twitter users to some talks on COVID-19, and it’s attracted critics and trolls.

The rapper’s conversation kicked off with this statement: “When I said “don’t replace your faith in God with a faith in Science” y’all looked at me crazy.”

He also reminded fans that it’s illegal going to church at this period.


Right now it’s pretty much illegal to go church. Stay woke. ⛪️

— AKA (@akaworldwide) January 12, 2021

However, things went a bit ugly after some tweeps urged him to keep shut.

“Shut the fuck up bro…we are tired of the conspiracy theories,” tweep said.

Supa Mega responded with; “You right. Actually my bad, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for us to not trust the western world’s intentions for Africa & for Africans. I mean, when have they ever let us down?”

Another troll further called him a Corona Influencer, as some believed he was paid by the government in 2020, to announce that he was positive for the virus.


AKA took such claims as a joke and mocked those who are of that belief.


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