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7 things to avoid when you are with your crush

7 things to avoid when you are with your crush

Believe it or not, you may often end up doing weird things when you are around your crush.

No matter how hard you try, your actions seem to be beyond your control. The nervousness and the excitement to be around your crush may make you do such weird things.

It is obvious that you will try your best to not buy yourself tons of embarrassment. To help you with this, we have brought a list of things that you need to avoid doing around your crush.

1. Never change yourself to impress your crush
You might be doing the lamest thing ever if you think that changing yourself will make your crush fall for you. Let your crush accept you the way you are. You don’t have to force yourself to eat what he/she likes the most. You don’t have to pretend to be a bilingual only to impress your crush. As far as the new change doesn’t make you lose your genuine personality, bringing a positive change can be a good thing.

2. Avoid bragging about your achievements
It’s good that you have scored the highest marks in your board exams, have extensive knowledge in a particular subject or were a football player. But this doesn’t mean you have to brag about yourself all the time. Bragging can never earn you brownie points but will surely annoy your crush. He/she may perceive you as a self-obsessed person and may try to avoid you, only to avoid listening to your bragging.

3. Do not flood their inbox with messages
It is understandable that you may often have the urge to talk with your crush. You may want to exchange numerous texts and know more about him/her. But nothing can ruin your impression other than flooding his/her inbox with plenty of messages. The moment you cross the line of want, you turn out to be a desperate person.

4. Never compromise with your self-respect
Your self-respect is way more important than impressing your crush and making him/her fall for you. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings for someone and then trying your best to impress that person. But the moment you start compromising with your self-respect, things can get messed up. For example, if your crush isn’t interested in you, always tries to avoid you and gives you a cold treatment, then you need to distance yourself from him/her.

5. Being always available for your crush
It is good that you always make some time to meet your crush, extend a helping hand and/or have a conversation with him/her. But have you thought what would your crush  think, if you are always available for him/her? He/she may think that you have nothing to do and therefore, you are ever-ready to meet him/her or stay online all the time. You should always give more priority to those works that are quite important for you.

6. Letting yourself down every time
Your crush will never be impressed if you are letting yourself down every now and then. You don’t have to seek his/her sympathy. For example, showing yourself as an inferior and stupid person, only to gain the attention of your crush might not help you. Nobody would love you out of pity. Your crush may try his/her best to be polite to you but that doesn’t mean he/she will love you, because you are a stupid and clumsy person who has no self-confidence.

7. Chase him/her all the time
Your crush isn’t something that you need to chase all the time. Following your love interest wherever he/she goes or whatever he/she does can ruin your chances. He/she may consider you as a stalker and would try his/her best to stay away from you. Chances are that your crush may turn his/her back at you, forever

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