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7 things most men appreciate in relationships


7 things most men appreciate in relationships

As women, we think we know exactly what men want. Usually, we assume they only want “one thing”, but this is usually far from true.

There are a lot of terrific men out there who are looking for a whole lot more than a fun time, but what exactly does “a whole lot more” entail?

Here are 7 subtle things that men are secretly into when it comes to his relationship with you. Factor these tips into your romance, and he will be head over heels in love with you like never before.


1. When you stay passionate about things outside of the relationship
When you exhibit a passion for something, and it could be anything, it’s really going to be a good look on you. It might be a passion for a book, a piece of art, a hobby, or whatever. He’s going to secretly love that look on you whenever your face lights up because of something that you’re passionate about.

2. When you make him do some of the work
It’s okay that you are a strong and independent woman who always wants to be able to do things on your own. However, you should also allow your man to do some things for you in the relationship. It’s part of being able to make him feel needed and validated by you.

3. When you take the initiative to plan a date night
He doesn’t mind being the one who takes the initiative to plan a date night. He relishes in doing so especially if he loves you for real. However, it’s going to make him feel extra special whenever you take the initiative to plan a date night every once in a while. It would make him feel nice to know that he isn’t the only one doing all of the heavy liftings.

4. When you make him laugh
Laughter is always going to be an important thing in any relationship. Whenever you get really deep into a relationship with someone, there is bound to be a lot of pressure and tension every so often. That’s why laughter is important. It’s able to bring a sense of lightness to these tense and stressful situations.

5. When you make him feel confident
He’s always going to be able to make you feel like he doesn’t take you for granted and that he truly appreciates how great you are. But he’s also going to enjoy it if you do the same. Boost his confidence and security by letting him know just how in love you are with him. Let him know how handsome he is. Express your admiration for him.

6. When you stay honest with him
Honesty is always going to be important in any kind of intimate relationship. You always have to make it a point to stay honest with him even when it’s inconvenient for you to do so. He’s going to be deeply appreciative of any efforts that you make to be clear and transparent with him especially in the times wherein you know it will get you into trouble. He’s going to be very appreciative of that respect and trust.


7. When you express an interest in his interests
It’s always going to make him feel really good whenever you express an interest in the stuff that he’s most interested in. Even if you’re not typically into that kind of stuff, it’s going to make him feel good to see that effort coming from you.


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