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7 little things to make a big difference in your marriage

A strong, supportive relationship is built from a couple’s words and actions.

7 little things to make a big difference in your marriage

With work, children, and other responsibilities, sometimes it is easy to take your spouse for granted or forget to do the things that strengthen the marriage.

Here are some little things to do that can have a big payoff for your marriage.

1. Give your spouse a compliment
Better yet, brag about your spouse to others when your spouse is in earshot. It will boost self-confidence, and your spouse will want to continue making you happy and proud.

2. Find something to laugh about
Laughter helps us cope with stress and the pressures of our busy lives. A sense of humor helps marriages survive problems, large and small.


3. Have a shared activity both of you enjoy
It can be anything from going out to dinner, dancing, or gardening. You may need to make time to do them together, but this is a great way of keeping intimacy alive and well.

4. Treat your spouse the way you want to be treated
Be respectful if you want to be respected. This approach helps establish the fact that both parties have a responsibility in the marriage.

5. Be willing to compromise
Give up some of your wants for the sake of what your spouse wants. Identify the situation as a compromise to avoid having unresolved anger or resentment later.

6. Give a smile
An easy but powerful way to value your spouse is to smile and tell your spouse how you feel.


7. Discuss the things that bother you
Letting things build up day after day without discussing and resolving them leads to anger and resentment that hurt your marriage. The more quickly something can be addressed and taken care of, the more time you will have for the enjoyable and healthy parts of your relationship.


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