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5 ways to keep your beard fresh

So you have a beard? Congratulations! Not many men can boast of this feat because many are still struggling with the strands they had since secondary school.

5 ways to keep your beard fresh

Plus, it is usually said that a good beard is makeup for men. But it doesn’t just end there. You must be able to maintain your beard.
Your beard isn’t just an extension of your body that you neglect. No, you must pay attention to them and take good care of them.

So, how do you take good care of your beard? Read on to know.

1. Wash your beard
This goes without saying. However, you can’t just wash it with your bathing soap. No, you need to wash your beard with beard  shampoo. A specialized shampoo for your beard will have all the nutrients it needs.
2. Condition your beard
The reason why many people get tired of their beard is because of how itchy and scratchy it gets. If you don’t want it to get itchy and scratchy then you should buy a beard conditioner.

3. Oil your beard
Another way to prevent itchy and scratchy beards is to keep them well oiled. Moisturising your beards is so important. Applying beard oil has the added advantage of making your beard smell nice.

4. Trim your beard
Except you want to look like a caveman, you have to trim your beard. Even if you want to keep a full beard, you have to trim it regularly, so you would look neat and kept.

5. Comb your beards
It is hair on your body, isn’t it? And hair gets tangled. To keep your beard looking good, you have to comb it.

With all these, you are an honorary member of the beard gang and you will get so many compliments from both men and women.

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