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5 ways for introverts to have fun

Everyday people keep shouting ‘we outside’, meanwhile you would much rather stay indoors. If you are like that, you are most likely an introvert.

5 ways for introverts to have fun

An introvert is reserved and reflective. There are more energetic in moments of reflection and less energetic in social situations.

Most people are a continum of introverted and extroverted tendencies, no one is just one thing all the time

It is easy to feel the pressure to go out merely from looking at people’s Instagram stories, when you do go out you can feel your social meter running and you can’t wait to get home.

That rules out clubs, concerts, parties and every social event that would have you meeting new people.

However, being an indoor person, homebody or introvert doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun. Here is how to have fun if you are not an outdoor person;

1. House party
This combines the fun of an outdoor party with staying at home, and the best part of this is you would be in the company of familiar people and friends.

It doesn’t take a lot to set up. Order small chops, some meals and drinks, and that is all.

2. Netflix or (other streaming apps) party
With Netflix and other streaming parties releasing series and movies almost every day instead of watching it alone, you can watch it with a group of friends who can either watch it online together or physically.

3. Games night
This is also a group activity with close friends preferably at home. There are so many games to be played; card games, charades, drinking games are just a few.

4. Join a charitable organization
As much as you want to have fun with your friends, you guys can also come together and do something good for the community once a month or in two months. The group can distribute essential items to people or engage in the clean-up. That is a fulfilling way to spend your time.

5. Form a singing group or choral band or do karaoke
This is for people who have a singing talent, coming together to play melodies and sing. But in case you and your friends aren’t talented in that department, you all can always do karaoke together.

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