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5 odd body accessories that have become cool

When it comes to taking bolder chances with their bodies this generation is doing that. Things that were taboo-ed are now worn without shame and fear for the most part.
What are the favourite things this generation is more adept at having on their body that we would have frowned on years ago?

5 odd body accessories that have become cool

These body accessories used to look odd, now they are the coolest! Here’s a list of the below:

1. Tattoos
These artworks on bodies that we once shunned are getting more popular. With elaborate designs and art, some for fun and others are special ink on their bodies to remind them of their loved ones.

2. Anklets
Ah, the tag of the lesbian is now just an addendum to look more retro.

3. Nose rings
Studs or hoops, it is chic and in trend now. Who would have thought? Only the outlaws could wear them but not anymore.

4. Waist beads
Waist Beads were for ladies of the night now it is nothing but a sexy sultry accessory.

5. Piercings
Generally, piercings in the ears, eyebrows, tongues, stomach and virtually all parts of the body are common nowadays among young people, but this was not so in the past.

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