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5 common challenges in relationships you’re likely to face after having a baby


5 common challenges in relationships you’re likely to face after having a baby

When a relationship is starting and everything is at its peak, couples often believe that’s the best time to start a family but things usually don’t stay the same once a child gets into the picture.

Every day comes with a new challenge and the relationship is likely to bear the brunt of all of it.


Here are some common challenges you are likely to face after having a baby:

1. Different parenting styles
You might be new in the game but both of you were raised differently and have a vague idea of what parenting is all about, it will take a lot of compromise and understanding to agree on which parenting style is best. You are bound to have a lot of disagreements but it is important to find a common ground where both of you feel comfortable.

2. Little or no intimacy
Unlike before when you could get your freak on whenever you felt like it, which a child in the picture you are likely not going to get a lot of alone time. More often than not you will both be exhausted and will barely notice the days or weeks go by without intimacy. Scheduling intimacy may seem boring but it might actually give you both something to look forward to at the end of a long day or week.

3. Finances
Before the baby arrived, paying bills might have been easy but now with the bills piling, friction might arise due to indecision on who should settle the extra bills. With children there is always a bill pending and it would be wise to agree on how to settle everything without one party feeling like they are giving too much for the relationship.

4. Balancing the needs of your partner versus that of your child
No doubt mothers do the most when it comes to raising children and fathers often go scot free without the fatigue or constant nudge of concern. This in turn leaves mothers with the dilemma on who comes first and whom she should give attention. Find a way of incorporating your partner in the whole process so it doesn’t seem like they are not needed or loved anymore.


5. Extended families
Last but not least, relatives also come as a challenge once children come in the picture. Some will feel they need to stay with you during the process or give their opinion on how to raise your children which should not be the case. Depending on what you agree is best with your partner, do not let third parties influence what you decide to do as a family.


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