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5 amazing benefits of rice water you didn’t know


5 amazing benefits of rice water you didn’t know


What is rice water? It is the starch water left over after rice is left to soak or after cooking.
The cloudy water you often discard after boiling rice is more than important. It’s not just a drink that can be enjoyed with a pinch of salt and pepper; it is also used to aid in digestion, for skin application and so on.
Here are five benefits of rice water you must know about:
1. Helps prevent dry skin
The first usage of rice water was recorded in Japan 1000 years ago. Rice water is known to ward off skin irritation caused by sodium lauryl sulphate that is found in detergents, shampoos, and cleaning solutions. Rinsing your face with cold rice water twice daily works wonders on your skin. It also acts as a fantastic toner which helps clean and tighten your skin pores and works as an anti-ageing product.
2. Good for hair
Rich in vitamin A, C, D, and E, rice water  regains lost shine of the hair and promotes hair growth. A 2010 study states that using rice water frequently to wash your hair increases the hair elasticity and reduces surface friction. Not just that, it smoothens your dry hair and increases shine. Apply rice water to your hair and keep it for over 1 hour and rinse it with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
3. Boosts energy
The carbohydrate content in rice water has a significant contribution to boosting energy in a person. The body easily absorbs the contents of the water and easily converts it into energy. Now you know what to replace your aerated drinks with the next time you need something to boost your working mode. Just go to the kitchen, and pour yourself a glass of it!
4. Regulates body temperature
Right from curing diarrhoea to preventing dehydration, the benefits are too many to list. However, regulating body temperature is one of the significant ones. It’s a great summer drink that cools down your body and replaces the water your body loses due to heat and humidity.
5. Relaxes your body
Add some rice water to your bath. It relaxes your body of its tension and fatigue, which in turn soothes your mind. It leaves your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. It can also be given to babies over five months to introduce starch to their diet.


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