4 things to note when starting a new relationship


4 things to note when starting a new relationship

You’ve successfully gotten over your ex and are on the hunt for new love.

Are you stuck on what the next move is when you’re fortunate enough to find an almost perfect replacement?


Well, these are 4 points to be considered when you’re looking forward to initiating a better and stronger relationship.

1. Your ex is in your past. Move on!
For some people, dating gets very challenging because they just cannot seem to get over their exes. This is seriously going to hold you back long term. Accept that things were meant to happen that way and move on. Your ex must never be a topic of discussion.

2. Pay attention to your new interest’s preferences
Skipping a small detail like birthdays and favorite songs can put your new relationship in a hard place. Remember, every piece of information counts with your new partner to strengthen ties permanently.

3. Show affection and care always
Everybody wants someone who will always be there for them and show that they care. Your new partner is no different. Ensure that you always check in and show a reasonable amount of care, and ensure you get that same energy back as well.

4. See your partner as your best friend
Most relationships don’t work out because some people see their new partners as a bank or a tool for sex. A definite way to keep the love is to confide in your partner just as you would to your best friend; hide nothing, be truthful and honest at all times and always lift them up whenever they are down.


Following these steps is sure going to leave your ex jealous and blur out any memories you once had with someone who wasn’t worth it. All the best!


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