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4 salty foods that may increase the risk of hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is a slow-progressing disorder that opens the door for several health-related problems with age including heart attack, kidney problem, vision loss, sexual dysfunction and vascular dementia.

4 salty foods that may increase the risk of hypertension

Most people take this condition lightly, unaware of the wide range of health risks it involves.

It still isn’t clear what leads to high blood pressure, but several factors are believed to play a role in it and diet is one of them.

Including more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains in the diet can help a patient suffering from high blood pressure  manage the condition.

While a high intake of salt and sugar can put them at a dangerous spot, here are 5 salty foods that you need to cut down from your diet.

1. Bread and roll
Bread and roll are an important part of our daily meal. A slice of the bread in the morning with butter or an omelette helps to keep us fuller for a longer time. The downside is that they are loaded with sodium content. Additionally, the refined flour used to prepare it can make you more prone to weight gain. Sodium can affects fluid balance in the blood and increases the blood pressure level. It is not a healthy option for a hypertension patient.

2. Processed meat
All those canned chicken and fish spreads, ham, hotdogs, sausages are highly processed, which means they contain preservatives and a high amount of sodium. The excess salt is added to the meat during the curring, seasons and preserving process. Adding processed meat with another high salty food like bread and ham can make your food more unhealthy. Having food can increase blood pressure and also lead to cancer.

3. Soups
We all love a bowl of hot soup, especially in the winter season. But to avoid the elaborate and time taking recipe, we often reach out for ready-to-make soup packets available in the supermarket. All we need to do is add hot water and your bowl of soup is ready. What people do not know is that packed soups are stripped out of all the nutrients and are high in sodium content. It is better to make soup at home.

4. Canned tomato products
Canned tomato food products like ketchup, sauce and pasta sauce are also high in sodium content. The canned tomato products are high in sodium and chemicals. Having them can increase your blood pressure, increase cancer and lead to weight gain. Besides, the ketchup and sauces also contain some amount of refined sugar. It is best to use fresh tomatoes or make tomato sauce at home.

Other foods to avoid
Other than sugary foods there are some other food items that people suffering from hypertension must avoid.

Sugar: Sugar can affect the level of your blood pressure in several ways. The most common one is that it leads to obesity, which directly affects the blood pressure level.

Trans fat: Excess of saturated and trans fats can thicken the lining of the arteries and can contribute to a rise in the blood pressure level.

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverage is high in sugar as well as calories. Taking them could increase the level of blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension.

Foods to eat when suffering from High BP
Following a heart-healthy is best to live a long and healthy life. Even for people with the problem of hypertension, a good diet can help to manage the condition naturally. Here are some foods that must be a part of your diet.

Foods rich in potassium like banana
Calcium-rich foods like skim milk and yoghurt
Lean meat.
Fresh fruits
Green veggies
Whole grains

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