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3 reasons why s*xting is needed in your relationship

Sexting improves the sexual experience between partners, and sex in turn increases emotional intimacy.

3 reasons why s*xting is needed in your relationship

The simple/direct advantage of engaging in the practice with your partner is that it adds some to the sex experience in your relationship or wedding.

Asides that though, there are other ways sexting might be advantageous to your relationship/marriage and below are three of them.
1. Validation and reassurance
There is always a concern about appearance, body shape and the changes they go through over time. Sexting and asking for your partner’s nudes helps deal with this.

Confirming through texts, a constant rave about your partner’s body, the things you like about their body and the things you’d love to do about their body… it really does help.

Your partner gets the memo that you’ve still got hots for him or her, and you’re still dying for that body, despite whatever insecurities they might have.

2. Improved emotional intimacy
Sexting improves the sex experience between you and your partner, and sex in turn increases emotional intimacy and even emotional well-being.

3. A continuously-active sex
Sexting often involves sharing fantasies, seductive comments or sultry pics and has been rightly described as a form of foreplay on its own.

Exchange of sexually-charged messages can help create anticipation and build up tension, which surely has a way creating the perfect ground for either an explosive quickie, or a long long night [or day] of tender loving, depending on when the tension becomes unbearable.

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