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    10 small business ideas in South Africa that work in 2021

    10 small business ideas in South Africa that work in 2021

    Are you one of the persons considering a venture instead of a full-time job? We live in an incredible era mushrooming with business opportunities that require minimal investment.

    Most of these businesses are not only cost-friendly to start but will let you work from the comfort of your home.

    South Africa is now ripe for cutting edge investments at low startup costs. Most interesting is that some businesses will only require a set of vocational skills and an internet connection.

    Let us now concentrate on some of the highest paying small business opportunities that you can start right away and achieve your lifelong dreams.

    This list of small business in South Africa provided below will help you make an informed decision in your entrepreneurial prospects.

    1. Virtual or personal assistant
    Providing professional assistant services both online and offline is a well-paying business opportunity for an individual with unique skills in particular areas of interest. However, less prevalent in the country, these jobs attract high paying clients ranging from small business to corporates. Unlike their counterparts, virtual assistants enjoy much freedom in getting to decide on factors such as clients, working hours, and hourly pay rates.

    2. Hairdressing services
    With a salon or hair cutting experience, you can launch this business opportunity for a financial breakthrough. Consult with the local authority for state requirement compliance. You can equally brand yourself as a makeup artist and even open a massage parlor. The good thing about hairdressing is that you can establish yourself as a mobile service provider. It is, however, advisable to get a shop so your business can become more sustainable.

    3. Interior designer
    The desire for comfort and luxury drives homeowners and business merchants to decorate their homes such as to share their vision statement. Start by finding out what clients want and compare it with what you can afford to offer based on your skills and financial ability. You should be passionate and well versed in this line of business.

    4. Electronics repair services
    Repairing electronics is a well-paying service that feeds several South Africans. The business is rapidly becoming necessary as technology continues to expand in computing, phone, camera, television, and speakers among other electronics.

    5. Social media consultancy
    You can take advantage of the ever-growing online community by establishing your brand as a social media influencer. If you do not have the right skills to start this venture, you can look out and complete professional courses offered by Google and other affiliates concerning the niche. The possibility of this business opportunity is limitless and will undoubtedly earn you well. Even better, there are social media management tools already available in the market to make your work accessible and more comfortable.

    6. Tutoring services
    Tutoring services for both children and adults are always on demand. There are many clients in South Africa looking to study the second language or need experts in a particular subject of their interest. Tutoring is convenient because you can do it at people’s homes, online, or at any other convenient place of your choice.

    7. Grocery delivery services
    The service is high on demand by individual customers and big supermarkets. It is an interesting business to pick up since some people are too busy to run all the errands, and such will become some of your happiest customers. Even more interesting, you can couple the business with other well-paying opportunities in the delivery line.

    8. Gardening and lawn care
    Both gardening and lawn mowing are highly rewarding businesses which run throughout the year, guaranteeing a steady stream of income. Besides, you can carry out concurrent activities in herb farming, raking, and snow removal when lawn mowing or gardening are not at their peak. The business is highly dynamic and suitable for both rural and urban setups, only

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