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    VIDEO: 6ix9ine Is Irresponsible – Meek Mill

    Meek Mill would have wanted at some point to counsel Tekashi 6ix9ine before he got caught up in the whole legal mess he is in right now. From Meek’s point of view, he believes Tekashi’s woes could have been different if he backed down a bit from his gangsterism getting to a certain level of fame.
    VIDEO: 6ix9ine Is Irresponsible – Meek Mill

    Meek Mill in his words said, “I’d hit him like that shit you doing is stupid at this point. I know you might have got on from doing it and it worked out to be able to make some money. But I think you need to slow down. I think you’re beefing with too many people right now […] The world will deliver the energy that you’re putting out. You’re delivering a gangster type of energy. He locked up in the middle of some sh*t. You gave that energy, you kinda get that energy back.”

    “Nobody wanna live like that. You can’t live with 10 security guards forever.”

    Meek says he believes Tekashi is actually a good kid that simply got caught up in serious criminal charges.

    “Them people know that he ain’t responsible for all the things them people around him was doing. I don’t think that kind of influence. I don’t think he had a say so with some of them dudes.”

    “I think he’s a good kid, for real, and got caught up in the internet, and trolling and things like that.”

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