LYRICS: K2j(@i_amk2j) – Merry Xmas(prod. T.piano @exclusivetpiano)

LYRICS: K2j(@i_amk2j) – Merry Xmas(prod. T.piano @exclusivetpiano)

Here is a Christmas jam for your listening pleasure this Santa season.. Trust me,this is one of the best jamz this december period,you can easily judge from the lyrics by one of the baddest and youngest song writers in the country at the moment popularly known as K2J …Enjoy the lyrics while the jam hits the internet few hours from now…

INTRO…::: Yeah, K2J again oo…… AhnAhn yeah, Na Nana yeah yeah.                                                                        VERSE 1…::                                                                               31st like yesterday,screaming Happy new year what a holiday.                                                                                     Giving and receiving gifts,giving thanks to Jah for adding anoda Year.                                                                                       If you remember those we laughed 2gda, 2gda with some we planned it till December.                                                      For our loved ones wey don lost,wish I could choose memory to remember.                                                                             No be say we so special No be say we dey immortal,Ore-ofe(Grace) tawa nje tawa nje lafi nyan(flex)(x2).

BRIDGE….:::                                                                                  Its Xmas season love everywhere.                                              Its Santa season Redcaps everywhere.                                         Getting ma gloves n ma muffler.                                        This year party gonna be better.                                              Kicking it with Fams & Buddies, Ka jo ooo  Ka yor….                        

CHORUS…:::                                                                                 I wish you.                                                                   (response) Merry merry Xmas.                                                 And.                                                                                            Happy Happy New Year (response) (x4).                                     

VERSE 2….:::                                                                              Xmas light everywhere,No snow but still making sense.
I wonder how ma niggaz in paris feeling ryt now……eeehh..
Fire works everywhere,santa would soon be here.                     Wish it could last forever,how ‘m feeling ryt now.
Oh lord grant ma wishes ,make me bigger Mama must smile.                                                                                         Let the kids come around,Ka jo oo ..ka yor.(Response).                                  Oh lord grant ma wishes,make me bigger mama must smile.                                                                                          Agba agba ke juru,ka jo oo…ka yor (response).
                                                                                                                                                BRIDGE….::::                                                        CHORUS….:::::::::                                                                     
VERSE 3…..:::::                                                                                                                                             Xmas is near, Oluwa guide me.                                                As me dey hustle for me daily bread dey go,baba ma shor mi lo tebi-tebi tara-tara.                                                            Xmas is near, oluwa guide You.                                                 As you dey hustle for ur daily bread dey go, baba ma shor e lo tebi-tebi tara..                                                                            For our people wey don go, wey no fit see tomorrow…
We no dey laff dem,jz giving glory to ur name….
No be say we so special,no b say we dey immortal..
Ore-ofe(grace) tawa nje tawa nje la fin yan.

BRIDGE……::::::                                                              CHORUS….:::: (x8).                                                                    OUTRO…:::::                                                                       

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