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DOWNLOAD Afro House Latest Songs,Albums & Mix (2019) mp3

DOWNLOAD Afro House Latest Songs,Albums & Mix (2019) mp3

DOWNLOAD Latest Songs, & (2019) mp3 song audio Download music

Afro House Download.  More than drums. More than percussion. It’s a sound that somehow taps into your primal essence, forcing you to feel and move in ways that somehow seems instinctual. There’s no refuting the fact that Afro House is that sound. That sound, that is unmistakably African.

All too often within the global house scene, Afro House is perceived as the twice removed cousin of house music. The one genre that often times doesn’t really get the credit it deserves. Well, at least outside South Africa that is.

In SA, there is no distinction between Afro House and House. No deliberation over the amount of drums required to make a track fit into a specific genre. As a matter of fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an African DJ referring to their track as an “Afro House” tune, no matter how many shakers it may have.

We don’t know if there’s a stigma around Afro House in general. If it may be perceived as being too “1999” in a world where synths & drops are the order of the day. The way we see it, the more drums the better. And if percussion is thrown in mix…well, that sounds like the perfect party starter.

Top Afro House Songs Tracklist
– Fetch Your Life ft. | DOWNLOAD MP3

& David Guetta – Drive ft. | DOWNLOAD MP3

Vigro Deep – Stuff Sama Super | DOWNLOAD MP3

– Umshove ft. | DOWNLOAD MP3

– Iskhathi Ft. Macfowlen & Vukani | DOWNLOAD MP3

Heavy K – Yebo Mama ft | DOWNLOAD MP3

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