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DOWNLOAD: A-Reece – Reece Effect Soundtrack (Album mp3 Zip)


DOWNLOAD: A-Reece – Reece Effect Soundtrack (Album mp3 Zip)


After a lot of tease on social media, A-Reece and Mashbeatz have finally unlid the album Reece Effect Soundtrack, an album that’s made in the build up to a forthcoming concert by A-Reece, who recently turned 22 titled Reece Effect. Reece Effect looks like what would be A-Reece’s third studio album.

Artistes featured on the project includes A-Reece himself, Ex Global, IMP Da Don, Wordz and Krish. The biggest omissions on the Reece Effect album are Ecco and Flame, who are said to have left The Wrecking Crew. Get the project below

Free Download A-Reece Reece Effect Soundtrack Album | Download Reece Effect Soundtrack by A-Reece & Mashbeatz

1. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – The preamble | DOWNLOAD MP3


2. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Masquerade Party feat Wordz | DOWNLOAD MP3

3. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Fear no man (Feat Ex Global, IMP THA DON, Krish & Wordz)) | DOWNLOAD MP3

4. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Strange habits (feat. Ex Global & Wordz) | DOWNLOAD MP3

5. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Responsibilities (feat. Ex Global & Wordz) | DOWNLOAD MP3

6. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – We both know better | DOWNLOAD MP3

7. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Fate interlude | DOWNLOAD MP3

8. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Safe haven (feat. Ex Global, Krish & Wordz) | DOWNLOAD MP3

9. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Girls got dreams | DOWNLOAD MP3

10. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Last resort | DOWNLOAD MP3


11. A-Reece & Mashbeatz – Honest | DOWNLOAD MP3


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