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Yo Gotti Loses Lawsuit For $6.6 Million

Yo Gotti Loses Lawsuit For $6.6 Million

is in some serious financial trouble after losing a lawsuit yesterday for a whopping $6.6 million.

The rapper was paid $20,000 to appear on a song by North Carolina artist in 2016. After completing the track, Gotti chose to shelf it and instead recorded a similar effort of his own. To make matters worse, he then tried to sign behind his manager ’s back for $150,000. He was turned down and he was sued for it last year. Yo Gotti refused to respond to the case and yesterday a judge ruled that he pay three times the initial $2.2 million bill.

Michael Terry says this about the ruling:

“He might want to pick up the phone now because I’m coming after the cars and the Bel Air mansion.”

Yo Gotti was on his Only The Streets Know fan appreciation tour earlier this month when his bus was shot in a drive-by.

Check back for more details on the case as they become available.

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