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    Who is Albert Ezerzer? Albert Ezerzer Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age

    Who is Albert Ezerzer? Albert Ezerzer Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age

    Who is Albert Ezerzer Suits?

    Albert Ezerzer was a beloved member of the SUITS family that was employed in the department of transportation. The day he was born is the 31st of January 1959, and was 55 years old the time of his death in 2014 following a brief illness.

    Albert died on May 9th 2014. This news was made public via the Twitter account of Aaron Korsh the executive producer and director of THE SUITS.

    “Albert worked in our transpo department. He passed away in the last few days. A beloved member in the ” # #SUITS family”.

    What was Albert Ezerzer’s Job?

    Based on Aaron Korsh, he worked in the transport Department.

    The date of birth is: 31/01/1959 .

    Age: 55 years.

    Date of Death: 09/05/2014.

    Albert’s Occupation: Driver/ Transportation Department .

    Movie Featured: The SUITS.

    Country of Origin Null

    Birthplace The birthplace is a null

    Height: 6ft 7inches

    Weight: Nil

    Kids: Nil

    Wife/Spouse: Nil

    Obituary: May 9, 2014.

    Education: Nil

    Parents: Nil

    Net worth He is deceased and has no net worth until 2022.

    What is Albert Ezerzer Net Worth, Wikipedia and Biography?

    Albert died and has no net worth until 2022.

    Following a deep-dive search I learned that Mr. Albert was responsible for the transport of equipment used in film productions.

    He wasn’t acting in the films, however his contribution to the making of these films helped his name a legend for a long time.

    Many people were curious to find out who Albert is , when they saw him during one seasons of THE SUITS.

    What was Albert Ezerzer’s Age?

    Albert was aged 55 at the at the time when he passed away in 2014.

    In the memory of Albert Ezerzer Suits

    In the closing credits of Suits season 4 when they showed his name, they flashed it “in memory of Albert Ezerzer”.

    People began askingwho Albert Ezerzer is, to make it clearer all around, Aaron Korsh (Producer of The SUITS) was forced to reveal via Twitter who he actually was.

    Albert Ezerzer and Db Woodside

    DB Woodside and Gina Torres also played love interests in season 3 the episode 24 (2001).

    Many websites have used the image of the popular American Actor DB Woodside to portray the character of Albert. DB Woodside also acted in one of the seasons of SUITS. It shouldn’t be any cause for concern.! DB Woodside is fit and well alive.

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