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Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?


Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?

Balinese cuisine is a cuisine tradition of Balinese people from the volcanic island of Bali. 

Using a variety of spices, blended with fresh vegetables, meat, and fish.

Part of Indonesian cuisine, it demonstrates indigenous traditions, as well as influences from other Indonesian regional cuisines, Chinese and Indian. 

Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?

The island’s inhabitants are predominantly Hindu and culinary traditions are somewhat distinct from the rest of Indonesia, with festivals and religious celebrations including many special foods prepared as the offerings for the deities, as well as other dishes consumed communally during the celebrations.

Here are some of their dishes you should try out when you visit. 

Nasi Goreng

Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?

This should be classed as the national dish of Indonesia—Nasi Goreng literally means fried rice in both the Indonesian and Malay languages and is a popular staple here in Bali.


 You’ll find this dish in every restaurant, there are many varieties that usually include chicken or pork, vegetables, and tofu with a fried egg and shallots placed on top. Often, it’s served with some satay sticks along with a side of pickled vegetables and prawn crackers. It’s salty, sweet, spicy, and always delicious. 

The noodle version of this dish is known as Mie Goreng and is just as tasty. Both the mie and nasi are simple and delicious, eat either one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?

Sate (satay) is essentially pieces of grilled meat threaded onto skewers. This is food in Bali and can be found in many fine-dining restaurants or as street food on various corners across all of the Indonesian islands. Every region has their own alternatives, but Bali’s Sate Lilit mixed with coconut milk is one of the best tasting and very popular.

While satay means spicy peanut sauce, not all variations include peanuts in Bali. Usually made from minced pork, chicken, or fish, the meat is soaked in coconut milk, grated coconut, and spices. 

It’s then wrapped around the skewers before grilling over glowing coals or an open fire. The flavors are a combination of sweet, spicy, and savory, and will definitely leave you wanting more.

Babi Guling

Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?

This is most likely Bali’s most iconic dish, also known as suckling pig, babi guling is a delicacy. 

Given that Bali is predominantly Hindu, it’s not surprising to find this is one of the most eaten meals on the island, by the local people and visitors. 

For the Balinese, it’s a dish that’s made for special occasions, in the lead-up to a special ceremony the whole pig is meticulously prepared and cooked for hours. 

The skin is coated with turmeric and other spices and cooked to a crispy flavor, while a spice paste made from coriander, lemongrass, lime leaves, chilies, and ginger is stuffed inside. 

Then it’s slowly roasted and basted, turned for hours on spit-over burning coconut husks until super tender. In a restaurant or warung, it’s served with fluffy rice, stewed vegetables, and a few pieces of crispy skin.

Nasi Campur

Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?

In Balinese, nasi campur basically means a mix of food with rice. It’s a favorite with the locals and visitors alike. 

A good nasi campur will include an assortment of grilled chicken, beef rendang, grilled tofu or tempeh, and a mixture of vegetable dishes all placed around a scoop of yellow or white rice. For more flavor try the red rice when it’s on offer. 

In some warungs, they’ll serve this dish buffet-style, you can point and choose what you’d like to try. There are no rules to this dish, so you can be guaranteed of it never tasting the same twice. It’s a great to sample a range of Bali favorites.

Bebek Betutu

Which Of These Balinese Cuisine Would You Try Out?

This smoked duck dish is one of the most meals in Bali, in that it’s 100% Balinese. The meat is rubbed and stuffed with the Betutu mixture of spices which is sautéed with coconut oil to release its flavors. 


The meat is then wrapped in palm leaf or betel nut bark, and smoked with embers of rice husks. 

In some restaurants, you’ll be required to give hours’ notice, not surprising since cooking time can take up to 12 hours for an authentic dish. 

The finished product will melt in your mouth and is bursting with flavor, served with rice and local water spinach. As an alternative, this dish is sometimes made with chicken.


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