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Top 10 Greatest Ancient Mysteries In Africa That Will Awe You


Top 10 Greatest Ancient Mysteries In Africa That Will Awe You

The continent of Africa has many fascinating and unexplored ancient places with some remarkable ‘mysterious’ places there in.

If you have a soft spot for travelling and making discoveries around the world, you are likely to find some of the lost cities & ancient mysteries of Africa discoveries during your escapades. 

Here are some top 10 greatest ancient mysteries in Africa that will awe you. 

1. Gedi Ruins in Kenya 

This is an ancient city in Africa that was entirely built with coral stones, sand, and lime. Worth noting is that it had drainage gutters. A dense forest surrounds the lost town, and it is believed that some Egyptians and Phoenicians are behind its creations. 

This was before they found themselves stranded on the African coast. It also took place before the east African civilizations. The small town has a disturbing reputation after the local people have heard various ghost tales. 

The streets were laid out with high walls and right angles. The old Swahili town was unknown to the Portuguese, even though they were only 15km away from it.

2. The mystery of the Lydenburg Heads in South Africa 

Top 10 Greatest Ancient Mysteries In Africa That Will Awe You

These artefacts have scarification marks or scars created to form patterns on the forehead, between the eyes, and temples. Interestingly, six of the heads are human, and the seventh one is a replica of an animal. 

The famous Austrian-South African mineral collector discovered the heads, Karl-Ludvig “Ludi” von Bezing, and he was still a young boy. 


He was playing on his father’s farm, which was located near Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa, when he discovered them. He returned to the area years later and collected the heads. The mystery artefacts are one of the earliest African sculptures in South Africa. 

3. Great Ruins of Zimbabwe 

These beautiful ruins cover about 385,000 square miles and are located in Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. It is a tourist attraction that holds about five hundred structures. 

The structures were built of rock and joined together in an unknown method. The most interesting detail about them is their lack of windows or doors, making them inhabitable for the ancient African tribes. 

Mpeni Kofi; the tree that turns human at night to guard his people

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4. Lake Natron in Tanzania 

It is referred to as the lovely and deadly lake that can turn animals into stones. According to researchers, the waters are high in both alkaline ph and salt. 

It is believed to have an alkalinity of up to 10.5. As a result, any animals that come into contact with the water end up undergoing calcification and turn to stone. 

Nonetheless, some creatures have managed to survive in the same water. Some of the animals include a specific breed of flamingos and the Alcolapia fish. 

5. Osun-Osogbo sacred grove in Nigeria 

Top 10 Greatest Ancient Mysteries In Africa That Will Awe You

The Osun-Osogbo sacred grove is located on the outskirts of the city of Osogbo in Southern Nigeria. Hidden in the dense forest are several ancient puzzling odd-looking sculptures. 

The structures have very strange features and huge eyes. The grove is referred to as the habitat of the goddess of fertility Oshun, one of the Yoruba gods. You are also likely to find monkeys and shrines. The formation of the grove remains a mystery. 

6. The Giant Blue Eye of Mauritania 

This great and strange wonder of Africa is located in Mauritania, ancient West Africa. The giant blue eye of Africa is also referred to as the Eye of the Sahara and is estimated to be more than 100 million years old. 

It appears as a beautiful blue circle. According to some people, it is believed that the mystery was created due to a volcanic eruption or erosion. A different group of researchers terms it as a hole formed when God flooded the earth with water during Noah’s times. 

7. The Mysterious Tomb KV55 in Egypt

Top 10 Greatest Ancient Mysteries In Africa That Will Awe You

The discovery of the contents of Tomb KV55 in 1907 remains a mystery. It is believed to have borne the seal of Tutankhamen. However, the claims remain unconfirmed. 

It is recorded that Tutankhamen was buried nearby, and his tomb remained undiscovered until years later. The tomb was sealed to keep the mummy inside. The mummy has been well desecrated and displayed as a woman but was later discovered to be a man. 

8. The Igbo-Ukwu bronzes in Nigeria 

These ancient stones are a sight to behold. They display a high level of artistic and technical skills. Isiah Anozie first discovered it in 1939. Interestingly, he did not have a clue of the significance of the objects he had found, and so he shared them out to his neighbours and friends. 

9. The Pyramid Of Egypt

Not even scientists are sure of how the great pyramids were built. The structures are quite impressive and were created by the Egyptians who resided in a nearby city. 

According to the put-up structures, it is evident that the community was rich in resources and well organized. However, the ability to put up the structures remains a mystery to date. 

10. The seven-coloured Earth of Charamel in Mauritius 


Top 10 Greatest Ancient Mysteries In Africa That Will Awe You

This is a major tourist attraction in the world. It is located in the Rivière Noir district, in the south-west of Mauritius. 

The area is covered with dunes of seven different lovely colours. It is believed that it was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. 

Listed above are some of the greatest ancient mysteries of Africa that have remained a site to behold. These mysteries are also significant tourist attractions. 


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