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The Strangest, Largest And Usual Collections Around The World [MUST SEE]


The Strangest, Largest And Usual Collections Around The World [MUST SEE]

Love dolls

It’s fairly uncommon for a person to have one love doll, but having 240 is almost unimaginable. But, Brit Bob Gibbins shares his home with his rubber women. 

Oh, and his extremely understanding wife, Lizzie.

Bob is known in the collector world as the Hugh Hefner of the love doll world and his small bungalow has been dubbed The Love Doll Mansion.

He says he loves to have afternoon tea with his fake girlfriends, and he also enjoys dressing them up for s*xy photoshoots. What must the neighbors think!?

Toenail clippings


If you’re eating you may want to look away because this collection is pretty gross. Richard Gibson of Louisiana collects his toenail clippings and he’s been adding the nails to a jar since 1978. He keeps his prized possession on a shelf in his home, which I’m sure all his house guests must love.

The Strangest, Largest And Usual Collections Around The World [MUST SEE]

His collection isn’t the largest of its kind though, there’s actually another one with a stomach-churning 30,000 clippings. Thankfully, this collection is for medical purposes and is being used in studies on prostate cancer.

Navel fluff

Don’t start eating again just yet; this one’s pretty yuck, too. Do you know that mysterious bellybutton fluff that sometimes appears? Well, Graham Barker collects it.

He’s careful to state that he only collects his own though if you were worrying that he’s delving into other people’s navels! The collection dates back to 1984 and Graham says he seldom misses a day’s harvest.

The Strangest, Largest And Usual Collections Around The World [MUST SEE]

Hot sauce

Are you one of those people that takes hot sauce with them everywhere? If so, you might understand Vic Clinco’s incredible collection of 6,000 bottles of the spicy stuff. The collection has taken 17 years to amass and it lines the walls of his Arizona home. His most expensive bottle is a $900 one of a kind, and he also owns a bottle of the world’s hottest sauce, the Caldera 16 Mil.

Vic actually made a career out of his love of spice: he classes himself as an educator and runs his own heat tolerance competition where contestants regularly pass out or throw up. Charming.

Traffic cones

From hot and spicy straight to the glamorous world of traffic cone collecting. This is one wild ride, huh? David Morgan from England has 137 different traffic cones hidden away in his home. That’s around two-thirds of all the types that were ever made.

David says he feels sorry for the cones that have been forgotten, so he brings them home, cleans them, and puts them in his garage so they aren’t damaged by light. David says that people tend to avoid him at dinner parties. I have no idea why.


It’s probably only women that avoid Chen Qingzu, due to the fact that he just loves collecting bras. Chen from China has more than 5,000 bras which he’s collected over a 20 year period. His collection is made up of bras from students of more than 30 colleges and universities, which makes the entire thing a little more suspect.

But, Chen seems to have ethical reasons for his collection: his dream is to open a bra museum to increase awareness of breast health. Or at least that’s what he’s telling the ladies that send him their bras!



If you thought collecting traffic cones was dull, how about stones? It was the 60s when Italian poet and artist Luigi Lineri found himself drawn to the stones in the shallows of the River Adige.

Luigi categorizes his collection by the shapes that he sees in them, such as human profiles, animal heads, and work tools. He doesn’t know how many stones make up his collection but he says that the collection is significant.


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