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    Tessica Brown Passed Away? Is Tessica Brown Still Alive?

    Tessica Brown Passed Away? Is Tessica Brown Still Alive?

    Passed Away? Is Tessiva Brown Alive

    Who Is Tessica Brown?

    Tessica Brown also known as Gorilla Glue Lady went viral for her Gorilla Glue experiment on her hair is still alive and doing well.

    Tessica is more than just the “Gorilla Glue Girl,” which is how most people are familiar with her. The lady from Louisiana claims that her childcare center & dance team are her true passions. She now runs a haircare business, which is appropriate.

    When Brown uploaded a video about her hair to TikTok in February 2021, everything for her radically altered. She reveals in the video that she ran short of hairspray and used Gorilla Glue to fix the situation when her hair became stuck.

    Is Tessica Brown Still Alive? Has She Passed Away?

    Tessica is also known as Gorilla glue girl is still alive and doing well. Due to the hoax of celebrity deaths going viral recently, Tessica was also a part of similar hoaxes.

    However, the Gorilla glue lady is still alive and thriving. She has started her own business and has been putting her fame to good use and building an actual career.

    Forever Hair was debuted on Wednesday by Tessica Brown, also recognized as “Gorilla Glue Girl.” She claims that the product line’s “all-natural” formulations assisted in her hair’s recovery.

    After many efforts to remove the industrial-strength adhesive from her hair, Brown sought medical attention in February and even endured a four-hour operation.

    She had been wearing her hair in the same manner for a month now since she accidentally used Gorilla Glue instead of her customary Got2b Glued hair spray. People grew fixated on her situation as her social media posts about the tragedy amassed millions of views. Her hair became like an impenetrable helmet.

    What Is Tessica Brown Aka Gorilla Glue Lady Up to Today?

    Tessica Brown is regrettably having hair problems once more after coloring her natural tresses at home, less than a year after going popular for using Gorilla Glue hairspray to lay down her fly-aways.

    She wrote a stunning number of clumps being brushed out of her head in the description of an Instagram video. To gather the details, TMZ called Gina Rodriguez, Tessica’s manager. The news source claims that Tessica recently colored her hair dark to hide some unwelcome gray hairs. She felt a burning feeling and started losing her hair.

    Brown seems to love experimenting with her hair with different things and never gets tired of it.

    How Old Is Tessica Brown?

    Tessica is currently 40 years old. She was born on October 21, 1981. She was born in the United States and has lived there for the most of her life.

    Tessica Brown Instagram

    Her Instagram handle goes under @im_d_ollady. She has a verified Instagram account with around 583k followers while she only follows back about 1.4k people.

    Even though Tessica went viral over a very silly thing, the event turned out well and it gave her a new platform to work in. Today she has launched her own business and also has been able to put her sudden fame to good use and make money off of it.

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