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Tacha rumored to be dating one Fadda Dickson


Tacha rumored to be dating one Fadda Dickson

The rumour-mongers claim that Fadda Dickson and BBNaija star and Anita Natacha Akide, otherwise known as Tacha are dating.hi

The media marketing tycoon who cuts a private figure has been rumoured to be bonking the Nigerian Instagram influencer.

According to a blogger named cutie_julls, the highly-motivated media personality and the Nigerian have been seeing each other for a while.


Cutie-julls claims that although their relationship was known among a select few in the industry, Tacha made the mistake of telling some of her Ghanaian celebrity friends who told on her.

However, it could be recalled that the BBNaija TV star whose mother hails from Ghana travelled to Ghana in 20.

The trip was reportedly sponsored by Despite Media and Kaya Tours. According to the informant, Tacha made the mistake some of Fadda Dickson’ mistresses in the past have made by not keeping their relationship a secret.

Cutie_julls brought up other celebrities including Becca and Empress Jamila as some of the mogul’s mistresses.

The blogger alleged that Fadda is known to end his extra-marital affairs once it becomes public knowledge and feared that Tacha might suffer the same fate as the others.


Tacha rumored to be dating one Fadda Dickson

The story about Fadda and Tacha’s alleged affair is currently trending on Twitter with the hashtag #OMGTacha.


Curated below are some of the reactions regarding the rumour;


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