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Stonebwoy blasts and unfollows Sarkodie on Instagram

Stonebwoy blasts and  unfollows Sarkodie on Instagram

Stonebwoy has slammed Sarkodie for pretending that there is a healthy relationship between them when in actuality there isn’t.

The BHIM nation president has cast several insinuations at his compatriot and has allegedly unfollowed him on Instagram.

In his interview with Nigerian pundit, Adesope Olajide, the Dancehall act went in on the whole saga surrounding him causing a scene at the rehearsal for Sarkodie’s Black Love Virtual Concert.

Stonebwoy recounted that he showed up just to show love but the tabloids and social media gave the impression that he went there like a little boy to crash the rehearsal.

It was reported on August 12, that the CEO of Burniton Music Group had assaulted Sarkodie’s manager, AngelTown, and busted his eye after being delayed his turn for rehearsal prior to the Black Love Virtual Concert.

The Putuu hitmaker in his interview, however, clarified that he stayed back to apologize to Angel after their brawl only for Sarkodie to snub him and report the case to the Police to his disappointment.

Meanwhile, Stone has once again spewed his gut with a post on Snapchat insinuating that Sarkodie is pretending to be cool with him on social media when he is not.

The post reads, “It’s more than Devilish to be keeping up pretentious healthy appearances on social media when you know you’re not cool with someone in real life. Unfollow, block, or delete..your life will be much better and easier. Which face are you saving?”.


Stonebwoy blasts and  unfollows Sarkodie on Instagram

There seems to exist some friction between both artistes after the incident with Angel and Stonebwoy’s post had Sarkodie written all over it.

Although Sarkodie made a public statement that everything was under control and that there was no offense taken, Stonebwoy may still think that he still holds some reservations against him.

Again, a search through Stonebwoy’s Instagram shows he no longer follows Sarkodie and this has raised eyebrows about a possible misunderstanding between the two.

Sarkodie, on the other hand, still follows Stonebwoy.

Stonebwoy blasts and  unfollows Sarkodie on Instagram

Stonebwoy blasts and  unfollows Sarkodie on Instagram

We hope that both superstars settle their differences if there is any and continue to give us more great music together as they are known to make magic when they collaborate.

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