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    SPERM HARVEST: Why Some African Women Steal Men’s Sperm For Rituals

    SPERM HARVEST: Why Some African Women Steal Men’s Sperm For Rituals

    It is believed that men are evil when it comes to s$xually abusing women around the world. There have been hideous techniques used to harm women during a date especially the infamous date rape drugs. 

    While everyone is turning activists to support the safety of women, we ended up giving power to some hardened women who spikes men to destroy their lives. 

    We are not talking about the Western World but Africa where the notoriety of bringing men to their knees by women is becoming rampant. Some of the women who spike their victims’ drinks do so with no regrets. 

    For those who are daring enough, they allow the men to suck their breasts where drugs have been thoroughly rubbed. The latter is the easiest way to put men to a long sleep while the women make away with their valuables and often blackmail them for years.

    Imagine, what will happen to a pastor whose drink was spiked and he woke up naked with his car and belongings missing.

    SPERM HARVEST: Why Some African Women Steal Men’s Sperm For Rituals

    These women are desperate and can kill because of a man’s sperm.  They don’t care if you are handsome or ugly, the product is what they need. 

    They are not going to negotiate with you when it comes to harvesting your sperm for use in traditional luck-enhancing ‘juju’ rituals. Sperm has been considered a good luck charm and is sold to change their lives. 

    In Africa, we are aware that when something from a human is used for rituals, the life of that person is no longer complete. Sometimes, the person is rendered useless and confused for life.  

    While ritualists are after your life, these women are after your sperm and the end product is the same, riches and luck.

    In Zimbabwe and South Africa, this story is always a scary one for the males who are careful of joining an all lady’s car on a journey. Sperm harvesters made headlines in 2011 around the world when women were pounced on motorists. 

    The women were arrested with 31 condoms full of semen after they were caught at a roadblock.

    SPERM HARVEST: Why Some African Women Steal Men’s Sperm For Rituals

    The abduction of men has not ended even last year December, a man’s semen was scarpered. The public is urged to use reliable public transport at all times to prevent these kinds of heinous incidents from happening. 

    Both motorists and pedestrians who use these spots are vulnerable to these sorts of criminals where serious criminal activities, such as carjackings, murders, rapes, and armed robberies, are often generated. 

    If you are a male hitchhiker, you have to be careful of where you are standing and the surrounding of the place you find yourself.  

    You are not going to be left alive if you try to play stunt or prove you are a man in front of these deadly beautiful ladies. Don’t think that these ladies cannot hurt an ant because their mission is more deadly than you can ever think.  

    They can drug you, subdue you at gunpoint or knifepoint, or even forced to perform at a live snake point.

    The victims are forced to take s3xual stimulants and often forced to have unprotected s$x before they are abandoned on the road. The psychological and emotional trauma is untold. 

    Victims may suffer from things that only the spiritual can solve.

    The desperation to slay like other women, get rich,  get husbands, become influential, or even win the love of a man are some of the reasons that push these women to become sperm bandits. Since no one is willing to allow them part with their sperm freely, they have no option than take it by force.

    Sometimes, they are not the ones who need sperm; there are ready buyers who can be men or even women who can pay a fortune for sperm.  

    For some of these female sperm bandits, it is a full-time job that they are not willing to give up for a blue-collar job. There is more than meets the eyes that come with these sperm banditry exploits.

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