SHS student suffers disablility after a failed rape attempt


SHS student suffers disablility after a failed rape attempt

The world today is full of enormities. Each day passes by with news of a repugnant incident happening at a part of this world, more emphasis on Africa.

In yet another heart-wrenching story that has come to our notice, a 16-year-old SHS student named Evelyn Namasopo has fallen victim after a rapist cut off her hands after she resisted rape.


The young girl is now demanding justice after the man inflicted severe wounds and chopping off her hand also.

Sharing her ordeal on how it all happened, Evelyn during a session at Bubulo Magistrate’s Court in Manafwa District on Wednesday, April 7 presided over by Mbale Chief Magistrate, Mr James Mawanda said;

“The suspect Derrick Kuloba, 25, attacked her near a forest on her way home to pick beddings and food for her sick mother who had been admitted.

He (Kuloba) started ordering me to undress and when I refused, he pulled out a machete and started cutting me. He wanted to cut my head but I tried to guard it with my right hand,”

Evelyn, a resident of Bududa District, Uganda recounted how she screamed for help on the day of the incident but help never came.

I need justice from this court because I’m now disabled. I’m not able to do any day-to-day activities like I used to. I can’t even write,” she lamented.


The victim accused police and Mbale Court of trying to frustrate her case because Kuloba was released under unclear circumstances a few days after his arrest.


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