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Sex for cash is not bad –Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah confesses

Sex for cash is not bad  –Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah confesses

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has stated that it’s never a bad thing for ladies to sleep with men for money as some people have been preaching.

According to her there are a lot of ways people in society used as a means of survival hence its very bad for peope to pin point sleeping with for money and state is a bad thing.

Speaking in an interview with Joy Prime, she revealed that ladies don’t just enter into such relationships if they are not moved by something.

Vicky explained that most ladies go into such relationship that usually involves married men not because of love but rather because the need money to take care of themselves and sometimes their families.

“Sometimes ladies date married men for the money and nothing else. Those who don’t like hustling but want to live luxurious lives are the ones who find themselves in this fix. As long as you don’t get caught, I don’t see anything wrong with it. After all, it’s all part of hustling,” the actress revealed.

She again in the interview disclosed that if given the mantle to be a minister in government, she would go in for the Ministry of Gender and social protection so she can deal with issues of abuse in relationships.

Well, these comment from the actress doesn’t seem as a surprise to many people she had in an earlier interview granted revealed that she started sleeping with men at a tender age and has also had her fair share in an abusive relationship.

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