Our leaders are our curse – Yvonne Nelson


Our leaders are our curse – Yvonne Nelson

A disappointed Yvonne Nelson has taken a swipe at Ghanaian leaders referring to them as a ‘curse’ and nothing of a blessing to the country in a recent post.


The multiple award-winning actress and movie producer’s bitter comment follows the recent happenings in the country that calls for the swift action of these leaders.

Yvonne Nelson since the onset of the new phase of ‘dumsor’ along with other key issues which the government has failed to address has been discharging her frustration on social media.

Herself, just like many Ghanaian activists, are still in the business of calling for proper accountability and governing to be in place from the leaders.

In her candid opinion, she holds that Ghanaians deserve better and the leadership they are being served with can be best be characterised as more of a curse.

She wrote this on social media;

‘Our leaders are our CURSE’


Our leaders are our curse – Yvonne Nelson


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