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OH MY GOD!!! See Unique Village Where You Can’t Find A Single Door


OH MY GOD!!! See Unique Village Where You Can’t Find A Single Door

India is a country where you will gradually find diversity well as some strange things, which are often difficult to believe. Ironically, some

ancient beliefs are still held in high regard. we are going to show you about one such strange village where people live in exile and

do not even close the door of their house during this time.

The name of this village is Norangia which is located in Norangia Dadari Panchayat and Paschim Champaran in Bagaha district in Bihar. A


strange tradition which has been practised for almost 200 years is still followed today. The village has about 200 houses and each

member of each household has to go into exile once a year.

OH MY GOD!!! See Unique Village Where You Can’t Find A Single Door

Yes, on the ninth day of Janaki in the month of Vaishakh, all the villagers go to the forest to worship Vandevi. Where they have to spend the

whole day. On this day people pray to Vandevi for protection from natural disasters.

The annoying thing is that people do not close their homes in the meantime because they believe that anyone who tries to steal will lose

their eyesight and become blind for life. The villagers leave the house sunrise on this special day and spend in the forest till sunset.

No one lives in the village on this day because it is believed that during this time Vandevi comes to the village and it is inauspicious for a

living person to be present at that time.

This worship is very important for the people here. On this day, the work of making offerings is covered by women and worshipped by men.

He makes a living by eating prasad throughout the day.


Talking about this tradition, the village sarpanch Vikram Mahato said, “Many years ago, many people died in the village due to cholera and

plague. Then the worship of Vandevi started. Meanwhile, the eyes of the one who attempted to steal were actually gone.


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