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NOTICE! If You Want To Stay Happily In The Northern States Of Nigeria – Don’t Do These Things


NOTICE! If You Want To Stay Happily In The Northern States Of Nigeria – Don’t Do These Things

There are several ethnic Nigeria, Hausa ethnic group is one of the largest and most popular. This ethnic group is well known in West Africa. It is one of the biggest communities here and it has some really unique traditions and cultural practices.

The wide-spread Hausa traditions are popular in the North of the country. This big ethnic group has about 24 million people in Nigeria and its traditions and culture are homogenized. In other words, all the Hausa people share similar beliefs and customs. Their main religion is Islam, although their believers of other religions among Hausas in Nigeria, they are considered to be minorities. 

The Hausas of northern Nigeria are mostly Muslims, and there are 14 Muslim-dominated Hausa states in Nigeria, except for Plateau State which is largely Christian and not considered a core Hausa state, and Kaduna State which has equal numbers of Christian-Muslim populations. Some Hausa States are Sokoto, Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Bauchi, Jigawa, Zamfara, Kebbi, Gombe, Bornu, Plateau, Adamawa, and Yobe among others.

Naturally, a Hausa man would consider as taboo what the Islamic Quran prohibits, and these things should not be done anywhere you find yourself in Hausaland or northern Nigeria or you might offend them.

i. Eating pork or consuming swine products


It is considered haram to eat pork (pig meat) or consume any swine products in Hausaland because they consider pig an unclean animal according to the Quran. You must also not eat dog meat in Hausaland, unless of course you are in Jos, Plateau State where it is considered a major delicacy among the Birom and other ethnic tribes in the state.

ii. Alcohol is forbidden

It is forbidden to consume alcohol openly in Hausaland, and the implementation of Sharia law has made this a taboo. Consumption of alcohol, gin, whiskey, beer, and other alcoholic beverages are prohibited in northern Nigeria; unless you find a way to purchase and consume it in your own secrecy.

NOTICE! If You Want To Stay Happily In The Northern States Of Nigeria – Don’t Do These Things

iii. Wearing of gold and silk for men

While Islam allows women to use gold ornaments and wear silk apparels, such luxury is not extended to men and must not be done in Hausaland. Yoruba men in southwest Nigeria and Igbo men in southeast Nigeria may wear gold ornaments and even silk apparels, but such is prohibited as unIslamic in northern Nigeria.

iv. Scantily-dressed or half-nude females

Women are expected to be properly dressed and fully covered up in Hausaland according to the dictates of their religion, and scantily-dressed or half-nude females would provoke the anger of the general people. You are not allowed to reveal sensitive parts of your body to public glare as a woman, or even be too forward with men openly.

v. Depicting Prophet Muhammed in art form

Since the Quran teaches that God created man in His own image, it is forbidden in Islam to depict humans or God or the Prophet Muhammad in pictorial drawings or any form of art because this is considered disrespecting to God. So do not draw the Prophet Muhammad in any form of art when you are in Hausaland or any Muslim countries.

vi. S£xual education and freedom prohibited

S£xual freedom is prohibited in many instances, and so is open s£xual education. Sodomy, gay relationships, lesbianism, fornication between unmarried persons, adultery, and some forms of s£xual positions are forbidden.

NOTICE! If You Want To Stay Happily In The Northern States Of Nigeria – Don’t Do These Things

 For instance, even married couples are not approved to practice anal s£x, penetration from behind, or s£x during a woman’s menstruation.


vii. Urinating in the upright position

While men in other states urinate while standing up on their two feet, the Hausas prefer for men to urinate while squatting. This is the traditional way for a Hausa man to urinate and they consider it the standard for all males in their states. You might offend their sensibilities if you remain standing while urinating; while women must not be sighted urinating anywhere in public even though this can be witnessed in other parts of Nigeria


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